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Hafan Cymru believes that support to children and young people is an integral part of our service. We feel that we cannot address the needs of adult family members, especially where the presenting issue is domestic abuse, without considering the best interest of the child/ren. This is key where abuse is involved when young people’s needs can be obscured by the initial need to find safety for the family and where the issues for the children of having to leave their home, friends, extended family and support networks, are often more important than their concern for their mother’s or their own safety.

Even where support is provided in their own home, and the young people have not been forced to leave and seek temporary accommodation, young people’s behaviour – underachieving in school, truancy or school exclusion, behavioural issues, self-harm or eating disorders – can mask the damage caused by living with and witnessing abuse.

As part of Hafan Cymru’s holistic approach to support, the needs of all children living in the family, or of those intended or expected to return to the family, are assessed before support begins and a Family Support Plan is drawn up to ensure that these needs are met. Support for children and young people involves practical as well as emotional support, and support with parenting to improve their family situation. However, Hafan Cymru feels that it is especially important for children and young people to be heard, so we take time to take account of their views and ensure that the support offered to them mirrors what they want and what they tell us they want.

We have family specific support from the following offices:

We support single women and their children in all the counties Hafan Cymru work in. If you would like to find the office closest to your area please click here.

We support single men and their children from the following offices:

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