Activity Packs – COVID-19 Support

Hafan Cymru support staff have teamed up with the qualified teachers within Spectrum to provide a range of age appropriate activity packs for parents/caregivers to use with children and teenagers during the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown and isolation period. Please feel free to download these resources!

Pack One – General Activity Packs (English)

Pecyn un – Pecynnau Gweithgareddau Cyffredinol (Cymraeg)


Pack Two : Healthy Relationships, Wellbeing and Resilience Activity Packs (English)

Pecyn dau – Pecynnau Gweithgareddau Cyffredinol (Cymraeg)


Pack Three – Activity Packs (English)

Pecyn tri – Pecynnau Gweithgareddau (Cymraeg)

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