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Annual Conference (Spectrum)

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At this year’s Annual Conference Vicky Glanville and Llinos Alun from Hafan Cymru’s Spectrum Project gave a special presentation.

The project has a team of experienced teachers who visit schools to promote the following objectives: 

  • support schools to implement and embed a Whole School Approach to tackling Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence
  • enable children, young people and the school community to recognise and avoid abusive relationships
  • improve the ability of schools to recognise and support pupils who are in danger
  • improve the ability of schools to control situations on recognising those who are in danger

According to Estyn’s ‘A review of healthy relationships education’ (2017) ‘The syllabus used by the Spectrum project provides comprehensive coverage of healthy relationships education including aspects that many school-based courses omit. These aspects include valuable information on the impact of domestic abuse on children, honour-based violence, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation.’ 

What hit those who attended the conference was the extensive experience of the speakers as educators, who were totally aware of the challenges faced by teachers and governors. The Spectrum Project can provide support through workshops, presentations and suitable literature with opportunities for children and young people to choose, develop and take part in their own school campaigns.       

Spectrum’s provisions are pupil centered, suitable for all ages and abilities, thematic, linked to the curriculum and cross-curricular, use a range of teaching styles and are bilingual.

For more information about the Spectrum Project visit or contact [email protected] or 01267 266924.