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About the Campaign

When you’re in a relationship you often find that when things are working you say “we’re good together”. Hafan Cymru is trying to get people to think about the Healthy Relationships that make people #good-together.  To get people into the mindset of what a healthy relationship looks and feels like they are launching the Good Together campaign.

Relationships are all around us, knowing you’re “Good Together” is a feeling you can have with friends, with work colleagues or teammates, with partners and other family members. It’s that feeling when you know you’re safe, respected and you both have realistic expectations of each other.

A Little About Us

We are a housing and support organisation in Wales that helps people from all walks of life to live well and have healthy relationships.

We provide a wide range of help and support that focuses on the role that healthy relationships play in people’s lives and welcome everyone.

Here just a couple of the services that they currently run in Wales include:

  • Hafan Cymru’s Domestic Abuse related services that support women, men and their families who need help to break out of all forms of abuse.
  • Men’s Sheds is a project that supports men to get together to form local community groups that contribute to overcoming isolation and loneliness
  • The Spectrum Project delivers training in schools to help children understand the importance of healthy relationships in their lives and how to feel themselves safe.
  • Hafan Cymru provides housing and support for vulnerable people with a range of complex needs such as mental health issues, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol issues to maintain healthy relationships and live well.
  • Hafan Cymru Training Services offer first class comprehensive training. Our bespoke training packages are relative to individuals and organisations and can be tailored specifically to your needs. Our team of qualified and accomplished professional trainers can deliver courses at your workplace, at a venue of your choice or at our own facilities.

Donate Now

Donate to the Campaign now, and receive a beautiful Wishing from Wish String & Co, click the link and simply add the wishstring to your cart, and 100% of your donation goes to Hafan Cymru.

The Reason Behind the Campaign

The reason that Hafan Cymru is launching their campaign in the rugby season is that shockingly, studies have shown that in South Wales instances of reported Domestic Abuse increase by around 76% when Wales play England in the Rugby. Across the UK when a home team is playing rates of domestic abuse rise by 25%. Clearly, there’s something wrong there! Are we in healthy relationships if this is happening? People should be able to enjoy themselves, watch the rugby and feel safe.

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