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HACK*BLOSSOM (DV Cybersecurity)

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Why Cybersecurity?

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Domestic abuse isn’t always physical. Many intimate partners exert control using the technology that we rely on everyday. Being intimidated by constant phone-calls, stalked by location-sharing apps, humiliated on social media, forced to share sensitive texts and passwords: each of these experiences is a violation of privacy that affects your freedom to make decisions about your life. Being deprived of your autonomy is no less painful when it’s digital.

DIY Cybersecurity asserts your privacy online. When you’re threatened by your partner, you can always reach out to a domestic violence professional. But whenever you need to protect yourself online, you’re not alone. Our Threat Scenarios explore, in-depth, how to resist a controlling partner. Each guide is accessible and empathetic: you’re not obliged to follow any of our suggestions if you don’t feel they’re right for you. We also have Defense Strategies for proactively securing your digital life.

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