Support in your own Home

Hafan Cymru offers outreach and what is known as ‘Floating Support’. Our floating support offers support services to women and men living in their own home and is targeted at vulnerable women or men of all ages, both those with children and single women, and we can support older women, men and those living in rural areas.

Each person receiving support will be allocated a Senior Practitioner or Support Worker (depending on the need); who provides an individually tailored package of support to each service user and to their children, if they have any. Our structured support package enables women or men and their children to develop the skills and confidence needed to maintain themselves in an independent home within the community.

Our floating support can provide for women and men, with low, medium or high support. The level of support given to service users will normally be individually negotiated between them and their support woker, depending on their needs. An out-of-hours service is available for emergencies in most areas, excluding those areas where we are not funded to provide this. The length of time someone can be supported varies with the individual. Normally the support starts fairly intensively – 2 visits or more visits a week – and will then become less frequent as the individual service user becomes more self-confident.

To find out where you can be supported in your own home please visit Our Offices page.

Our Offices


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