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Reflecting on Hafan Cymru’s 2018 Good Together Campaign

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This time last year Hafan Cymru were filming and preparing for the launch of the Good Together Campaign. The Campaign was first launched at the opening game of the Six Nations, Wales Vs Scotland at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. The Campaign video was viewed by 75,000 people in the Stadium and within the first week of the campaign launching it reached over 100,000 people. “Good Together” ran throughout 2018, with the aim of getting people to think about Healthy Relationships.
Knowing you’re “Good Together” is a feeling you can have with friends, work colleagues, teammates, family members and partners. It’s that feeling when you know you’re safe, respected and both have realistic expectations of each other. The campaign was supported by many, we received supportive messages from The Welsh Rugby Union, Paul Thorburn and Michael Sheen, as well as other support services such as Welsh Women’s Aid, UKSAYSNOMORE and Cymorth Cymru.

Campaign statistics:

Facebook – Within 1 month, the Campaign was seen by over 60,000 people on Facebook.

Twitter – Within 1 month the Campaign reached over 102,000 people on Twitter.

Below are some examples of the merchandise we created for the campaign:

Follow the link below to watch the Campaign video that launched on the stadium screens during the Six Nations 2018 opening game: