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Split the Difference Campaign

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Topex News are hosting the 2 year campaign ‘Split the Difference’.  The campaign has begun with a group of service organisations, including Hafan Cymru, working together in raising awareness of male victims of domestic abuse.

All partnering organisations who have chosen to join the campaign so far, have done so based on challenges in attempting to support men or whole families who are living with domestic abuse.

Topex News and partnering organisations will:

  • Consult and include
  • Raise awareness of the needs of men living with abuse
  • Promote equality within domestic abuse services for men and women
  • Ensure focus is based on evidence of need
  • Ensure that all actions that are completed through the campaign creates statistical data
  • Support research, development and evaluation of domestic abuse services available to men
  • Respect gender needs without negative representation or assumptions
  • Support the development of accredited programmes for women and men specific to statistically identified need
  • Promote the voice of the whole family unit, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or ability
  • Build a campaign built on the shared needs of all partners, regardless of where they are positioned within society, Political, Statutory, 3rd Sector, Private Organisations, Community Groups, Families or Individuals
  • Provide transparent methods of communication, reporting outcomes

For more information on the ‘Split the Difference’, visit Topex News