Support Us

There are many ways you or your organisation can support Hafan Cymru to continue it’s vital work in your local community. Have a look below to see what you would like to get involved in. We appreciate any support you can give.

Why Support Us?

Domestic Abuse is more common than you realise. It happens to anyone and everyone every day and could be happening on your street.


Find out what different donation options there are, from a one-off donation, donating regularly or donating while you shop on the street or online.

Join an Event

Take part and attend our events, support us by donating, support us by taking part. It's your choice.


You can do almost anything to raise money for us, we offer support for anybody who would like to choose us as their chosen charity. Look in this section to get tips.


Some organisations sponsor us in a number of ways, through donating essentials to our local offices or choosing us as their charity of the year. Find out in this section ways you might be able to help us as an organisation.

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