Here are the many ways you can fundraise for Hafan Cymru.

Skydive Swansea

You are required to raise a minimum of £320 in sponsorship. The cost of your skydive is paid out of your sponsorship money and the rest goes to Hafan Cymru. So by raising the minimum of £320, £220 pays for your skydive and £100 goes to the charity. The payment for your jump includes the instructor payment and third party insurance.

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Get a Fundraising Pack

We have a number of resources to help you with any fundraising you choose to do. Our Fundraising Packs are crammed full of ideas and help for you to have a successful event. Download a pack below to get started.

Masquer-aid Fundraising Pack

In 2012 Hafan Cymru started a campaign to ‘unmask domestic abuse’. Part of the campaign was to have mask themed events to get people talking about domestic abuse and feel more confident to speak out against it. The campaign is not only an awareness activity but a fundraising one. This pack is great for schools, groups and individuals. In 2014 Hafan Cymru had it’s first Masquer-aid Ball hosted by  corporate sponsor Keepmoat. Download the pack to have your own Ball or do any other mask related event.

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General Fundraising Pack

Our Fundraising Fact Pack will give you information and sponsorship ideas on how to support Hafan Cymru. Run a race. Cook a meal for your friends and family. Take on a personal challenge. We’d love to support your fundraising efforts, so let us know what you are up too. Every penny will make a difference to the lives of our Service Users.

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Fundraising Tips

Here are five tips to kick start your fundraising

Recruit your Family

Your family might have talents you could use to put on a successful fundraising event from singing, dj-ing, dance to magic or performance art. An auction with services as a prize such as sewing, painting or gardening where your family can help is also a great way to raise funds.

Set-up a Fundraising Page

Getting online donations is quick and easy, but also the money goes straight to Hafan Cymru with little fuss. You can set-up a fundraising page with Justgiving and add what you are doing, promote your page and set yourself a fundraising target. To find out how to set-up your page click here.

Spread the Word

Now you have a fundraising page set-up why not share it on Social Media. Share the link to your friends and family on Facebook and your business partners on Twitter. Social Media is a great, free, way to promote any events you are doing to meet your fundraising target.

Let the local Press Know

Told all your friends and family? Why not let the local press know what you are doing and why. In our Fundraising Packs we provide you with a press release template so that you can let your local media know what you are up to and hopefully get closer to your fundraising target.

Remember to say Thank you

Saying thank you to those who have helped or given money is a must. Not only do they feel appreciated for supporting you but they may also help you spread the word about what you are doing or will encourage their friends to donate to your cause too.

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