Here are the many ways your organisation can sponsor Hafan Cymru

Sponsor an Event

Throughout the year Hafan Cymru runs events for our service users, these range from local Christmas parties to an annual conference where we encourage those we support to help us improve our services. If you would like to sponsor a local or the annual event please click on the links below.

Sponsor a Local Office Event

Our offices put on Easter and Christmas parties which include refreshments, crafts, egg hunts, quizzes and prizes. These parties and the success of them are all subject to funding. If you would like to sponsor a local event please click on the button below and email us.

Sponsor the Annual Service User Conference

Every year in July the organisation puts on a conference for Service Users. The event includes informing those we support about what has happened over the past year, an opportunity to speak to Board Members and to give feedback so we can improve our existing services. We offer transport to service users refreshments and workshops to make the day eventful. If you would like to help sponsor this event please click on the button below and email us.

Become our Corporate Sponsor

Getting involved with Hafan Cymru, to support our work to prevent abuse and promote independence can help your organisation in a number of ways. As well as a positive brand association that can help enhance your organisations image, a partnership is a great way to motivate staff and set you apart from others in your field.

It is also a chance to demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility whilst offering opportunities to reach new audiences. Our organisation has a Wales wide presence and tackles an issue that affects every community, and every class, generation and culture living within that community. You know that Domestic Abuse can affect the individuals that work within your organisation, your customers and your key stakeholders. Supporting us on our difficult journey to prevent abuse and promote independence in communities across Wales will, in turn, help them.

One Off Donation

Some organisations choose to support Hafan Cymru through one-off donations, these are very much appreciated and help towards the cause. To give a donation please go to our Donate page.

Staff Fundraising

An easy way for individuals, teams or offices to get involved in vital fundraising for Hafan Cymru. Fundraising gives staff common goals, a sense of shared pride and increases team spirit. Events can be anything from a staff dress down day to a corporate golf event, dinner, or an auction. These are fantastic ways of getting staff involved. We can work with you to provide help and advice when devising events and staff fundraising, to find innovative ways of generating funds. This is Team Building that really makes a difference! To find out more please go to our Fundraise page.

Charity of the Year

Working with Hafan Cymru as your Charity of the Year will bring a positive impact to your organisation. To find out more about the benefits of becoming a Partner with us please scroll below.

Gifts in Kind

It is not just monetary donations that help Hafan Cymru; organisations can donate gifts in kind. This can be anything from DVDs and books to TVs or microwaves for the units. These can greatly benefit our service users currently receiving our support.

Donating gifts that can be used as raffle or auction prizes at charity events is a fantastic way of supporting Hafan Cymru also. Such donations can help us raise huge amounts for the charity and can really boost our fundraising efforts.

Gift Aid Scheme

Organisations can benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme and receive tax relief on any donation made to Hafan Cymru by deducting the amount of the donation from profits prior to calculating corporate tax at the end of the financial year. This means that Hafan Cymru benefits fully from the donation made. For more information on this go to the HMRC website.


  • Encouraging team spirit amongst staff
  • Meeting your CSR requirements
  • Joint PR Opportunities
  • Staff Knowledge exchange/shadow opportunities to meet Learning and Development objectives
  • Promotion over Social Media
  • Email us to become a Hafan Cymru Corporate Sponsor marketing@hafancymru.co.uk

Charity of the Year

Hafan Cymru helps women, men, their children and young people rebuild their lives everyday across Wales. The organisation supported over 3,500 individuals over the past year (2016-2017) and the number is always increasing.

With your partnership you not only raise vital funds for the best possible cause, but are also seen supporting your community as an organisation.

As the public become increasingly selective about which stores, suppliers and service providers they use, the positive publicity that would come from a charity partnership with Hafan Cymru would give your company an edge in a competitive market place.

Each and every Charity of the Year Partnership is unique as the plan of activities for the year is formed by your team with support and advice from our fundraising team to match your organisation’s needs.

Become a Charity of the Year Partner


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