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Welsh Government launch new campaign on Coercive Control.

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The campaign is called ‘This is not love: This is control’. The aim is to help people identify coercive control behaviours in a relationship and to recognise them as wrong and abusive.  The campaign encourages people experiencing or witnessing these kinds of behaviours to seek advice and support from the Live Fear Free helpline.

Click here to watch the Welsh Government’s new campaign on Coercive Control.

The campaign shows couples in everyday situations with the signs of control appearing subtly, illustrating that while on the outside a relationship can look loving, patterns of behaviour can have a serious effect on people, making them feel controlled, dependent, isolated or scared.

The aim of the campaign is to empower people to improve their lives by recognising the signs of controlling behaviour and changing the path that leads to physical abuse.

Hafan Cymru offer a Coercive & Controlling Behaviour training course. This course is aimed at providing knowledge of coercive control with an overview of the offence as part of the Serious Crime Act December 2015. Please see our Coercive & Controlling Behaviour page for more information or contact our training services team:
Email – [email protected]
Call – 07850 770104