Inspirational Stories

Evie’s Story

Evie came to Hafan Cymru at the age of 68. Evie was raised in a children’s home and when she married and became a home-owner, she felt she was safe and secure and that her home could not be taken…

Keith’s Story

I have twins aged 4 years. Their mother, my ex-partner is an alcoholic. My ex-partner initially left our home in November 2009 when Social Services got involved. She’d overdosed a couple of times on tablets...

Robert’s Story

Before coming to Hafan Cymru, my social interactions were next to nothing. I basically spent most of my time on the computer because that’s what I was good with

Peter’s Story

When Peter was four, he and his two brothers were beaten regularly and his sister sexually abused at the hands of their father...

Paula’s Story

People say an only child is spoilt, I wasn’t spoilt I was abused. I was 9 years old when my dad physically and sexually abused me.

Amber Rose’s Story

He was a pretty person, it was a physical attraction. I was 15 – He was controlling and I knew it but I didn’t see how serious it was at the time.

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