Keith’s Story

I have twins aged 4 years. Their mother, my ex-partner is an alcoholic.


My ex-partner initially left our home in November 2009 when Social Services got involved. She’d overdosed a couple of times on tablets. I’d allowed her back when she’d not been drinking so she could see the kids, but in January 2010 she assaulted me with a perfume bottle after she’d drank a bottle of vodka which she’d found in the house when I was upstairs with the twins. The vodka belonged to my step-daughter who was living with us at the time. Anyway, my ex-partner went on the run for three days before she was arrested and ended up being charged with assaulting me and placed on bail conditions. I had four wounds to the head as a result of the assault.

The Domestic Violence Officer referred me to Hafan Cymru because I needed support as my ex-partner held the child tax credits and benefits, so we struggled on Job Seeker’s allowances, until my finances were put into place. We had built some debts and I was afraid of applying for bankruptcy, as I had always worked before I was laid off in 2009, but given the right guidance it was not as bad as I thought and now I am debt free.

My ex-partner went to court and received a suspended prison sentence, but she held my tenancy and before I knew it she turned up at the house and there was nothing I could do. She was advised by the Council not to give up her tenancy! I was made homeless with the children. Hafan Cymru helped me to seek legal advice and I was granted an Occupancy Order to return to the family home very quickly.

I didn’t like attending the Child Protection Conference and Core Group Meetings but I was grateful for my support worker being there as it wasn’t easy to explain things at times.

Thanks to Hafan Cymru I was given the right support to enable me to ensure that my home was safe for me and my children and that we had everything we needed to function as a family. Being a single Dad, it is hard going, but without the support of Hafan Cymru I don’t think I would be where I am now. I even attended a group for other male service users organised by Hafan Cymru which boosted my confidence. When my children start school full-time I am hoping to get back into work at some stage in the future.

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