Paula’s Story

Paulas Story

People say an only child is spoilt, I wasn’t spoilt I was abused.

I was 9 years old when my dad physically and sexually abused me. My mother couldn’t help me as she was also physically abused daily by my dad.

I couldn’t go to school and tell the teacher. In my day there was no NSPCC, no Esther Rantzen or Childline.

Both my parents died as a result of a car crash when I was 17; from then on I was alone.
Every partner I’ve had has been abusive. Later, I became a prostitute, my ex was my pimp.

I was street homeless, I found Hafan Cymru through Women’s Aid. I was sleeping rough and turned up at the office with a bin bag of belongings. I am now in my 50’s, Hafan Cymru have saved my life.

I had no lifestyle, I had an existence, at least now I have a quality of life – Hafan Cymru are wonderful.

I am alive thanks to them.

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