Robert’s Story

Before coming to Hafan Cymru, my social interactions were next to nothing.

I basically spent most of my time on the computer because that’s what I was good with. It took the problems that I was having at home to get me a social worker. We all decided that moving out of my parent’s house was the best option. He gave me three options for supported housing and we applied to Hafan Cymru because that was the one my social worker recommended. Since moving into Hafan Cymru I have met a great bunch of people, made some new friends and my social life is a lot better.

The Tenant Participation sessions were very useful as I met all the tenants and it was like an Icebreaker. I started chatting and soon it went from just meeting up in Tenant Participation to popping round to their flats and basically socialising outside the support of Hafan Cymru.

The support meetings Hafan Cymru did with me helped a lot, as I can be forgetful due to my ADHD. The support sessions helped me plan things out that I needed to do in the week. Now I am living on my own I am putting these skills I have learnt from Hafan Cymru to use in my new flat.

Before moving into Hafan Cymru I didn’t have any idea how to live on my own. I couldn’t use a washing machine, I didn’t know what bills I had to pay and which would be paid for me, I didn’t have any life skills but now Hafan Cymru has helped me to achieve this. I feel more comfortable because I’m independent and I know how to manage my day to day routine.

Hafan Cymru has helped me get a place that I can call mine in a lovely village.

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